Virtual Museum & Mobile Website
BC Children's Hospital
**** IN PROGRESS ****
- Virtual Aquarium and Mobile Website - In Progress -

BC Children's Hospital

NGX is in the process of planning, designing and producing two interactive marine-themed experiences for the BC Children’s Hospital’s (BCCH) new Teck Acute Care Centre. Both are designed to distract, entertain and educate young patients and their parents while they await medical attention. The Virtual Aquarium, situated in the new Emergency Department waiting room, is a beautiful, relaxing and immersive large-scale digital art installation that provides pediatric patients a playful digital environment. Patients move, interact and explore three marine environments via gesture-based interactions, guiding a leatherback turtle through a fanciful migration journey from the BC coast to tropical waters.

A marine-themed mobile website allows patients and parents to engage with BCCH migration stories even after they are admitted. The vividly rendered online space features two experiences: a “digital scrapbook” where visitors follow the adventures of marine biologists as they track species around the globe, and visually absorbing open-ended marine-theme game, designed to be played on mobile devices.