- Bringing Our Stories Forward Renewal -
The Manitoba Museum
**** IN PROGRESS ****
- Bringing Our Stories Forward Renewal - IN PROGRESS -

The Manitoba Museum

2020 will be a milestone year for Manitoba. The province will celebrate its 150th anniversary at the same time as the nationally iconic Hudson’s Bay Company, long headquartered in Winnipeg, will commemorate its 350th. It also happens to be the year the Manitoba Museum turns 50, marking five decades of engagement with local, national and international visitors. NGX is proud to be part of Manitoba’s historic 2020. We are collaborating with the Manitoba Museum, its stakeholders and our exhibit design partners, AldrichPears Associates, for the Museum’s Bringing Our Stories Forward gallery renewal project.

A refresh of nearly half the Museum’s interior space, the renewal will deliver a reinterpreted visitor experience for the institution’s First Nations, immigration, first contact and environment stories. NGX is contributing to the renewal project through planning, design and production of digital media components of the visitor experience. Integrating closely with the exhibit design team to translate story to experience—delivering wow, engagement and transformation for new museum visitors in 2020