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Chinatown Foundation
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- Chinatown Storytelling Centre - IN PROGRESS -

Chinatown Foundation

The Chinatown Foundation in Vancouver, BC, is in the process of converting a former Bank of Montreal downtown branch into a cultural interpretation centre. The Centre will focus on delivering the story of the Chinese-Canadian immigration experience. Experiences will span from original émigré motivations, the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the 19th Century Exclusion Act, to China Town’s mid-century Boom Years and current challenges facing the historic community.

NGX is working with the exhibit design partners AldrichPears Associates, the Chinatown Foundation and community stakeholders to bring these stories to life within an engaging exhibit environment. NGX is designing, scripting and producing a mini-theatre production integrated within the exhibit space, as well as a “Meal in Chinatown” that delivers audiovisual cultural narratives by way via visitors’ selections of items from a menu.