- California Landscape and the Treehouse -
Valley Children’s Medical Group
**** IN PROGRESS ****
- California Landscape and the Treehouse - IN PROGRESS -

Valley Children’s Medical Group

Valley Children’s Medical Group’s (VCMG) new clinics will be a model of patient-centered care. Conceptualized around the patient, design of the Clinic is intertwined with the design of the patient experience. NGX is collaborating with VCMG, patient stakeholders and Aesthetics Inc in the design of the clinic’s interior, focusing on the planning and production of two large-scale interactive experiences, California Landscape and the Treehouse.

California Landscape connects patients with the healing power of nature and growth during spring—a beautifully rendered artistic representation of the California Landscape. Gesture-based interactions trigger beautiful environmental effects, engaging curiosity, encouraging exploration and enticing imagination. The Treehouse is a powerful dissociative experience—a fully immersive digital space where visitors have the power to create and change the environment around them, escaping current mindsets through wonder, creativity, play and imagination.