Michelle Yao - Interactive Designer

Before joining NGX, Michelle worked as a UX and product designer intern in both tech giants, Microsoft and LinkedIn. But she found that she couldn’t hold back her passion for interactivity and media art any longer. With a BFA Digital Media Art degree, Michelle yearns to create beautiful and memorable interactive digital experiences that enrich the soul. She is also a world traveller who has been to 15+ countries and lived in 4 of them so far. If you can’t find Michelle in the studio, she is likely at the beach watching the sunset or wandering around the city on a bike with her 35mm film camera.

Knowing how to find out what you don’t know; Be ready for change, anticipate it; Having a willingness to experiment, fail, and try again; Knowing how to take an idea and make it real; Find your strengths and deepen them; Follow your passions and trust your gut.

Red Burns
Founder of NYU ITP