Magical Tour Through NGX Interactive: Part Three

Magical Tour Through NGX Interactive: Part Three

Working at NGX includes all the joy, challenge, and satisfaction as a big barrel of lego. Empty the barrel and the possibilities feel endless. The drive to create, through lego, technology, or storytelling, is something that is shared by each of our team members. Naming our office spaces for fictional worlds scratches an itch and helps reflect the creative spirit of NGX.

Tardis-2At the entrance to this storied office is our T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), named for the time-traveling machine in the classic BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who. T.A.R.D.I.S., which looks like a phone booth on the outside, is famously “bigger on the inside”. Similarly, while NGX might not look like much from the outside, inside is a company full of imagination, stories, and shiny technology. The T.A.R.D.I.S. has the ability travel through time and space, including perhaps the many fictional worlds that are scattered throughout the office. Our T.A.R.D.I.S is both our front door and our front sitting room — a multipurpose area with a photo wall of past projects, allowing those sitting in the nearby chairs to travel back in time simply by escaping from their desk for a few minutes.

EmeraldCityAt the heart of NGX (quite literally) is our R&D and Demo space. We named it the Emerald City from L. Frank Baum’s classic children’s series based in the land of Oz. Both are wonderfully shiny, full of technological wonders, and colourful splendor. Unlike Elphaba and Glinda in the hit musical Wicked (also based in Oz) who only had “one short day in the Emerald City”, our developers and QA testers spend many hours working away in this space. Oz is a flashy and glittery space, abuzz with the activity of the team polishing our exhibits before installation.

EmeraldCity-2Just off of our Emerald City is “Og”, named for the Secret Land of Og from the children’s book of the same name. Named by NGX’s founder and CEO, Leigh Byblow, Og is a builder’s workshop and maker space. As Leigh said “Og is a magical subterranean land that it is only accessible via the trap door in the main character’s playhouse. The Secret World of Og was one of my favourite books growing up and it definitely inspired me to dream, imagine and create.” Here the team builds test rigs, prototypes exhibits, and literally puts the nuts and bolts into our work.

Lastly, an office of fictional names would not be complete without Harry Potter and Narnia references. Our server room is affectionately known as the Chamber of Secrets, while Jessica’s home office on Vancouver Island is our Narnia, complete with lampposts, furry creatures, and quiet contemplation.
-Emma Doig, Intern & Teenager-in-Residence

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