Lululemon Athletica
Vancouver, Canada
- SeaWheeze Digital Experiences -

Lululemon Athletica

NGX provided concept design, production and installation for a short-term immersive experience at the 7th Annual SeaWheeze event featuring the House of Bras. Located in Vancouver, BC this three-day event brought together over 10,000 runners, over 1,700 volunteers, families, friends and visitors from abroad.

The experience featured photo opportunities combined with tactile, digital interactives that engaged visitors in a full immersive experience. The event was a chance for visitors to engage closely with the brand alongside like-minded individuals who are invested in active lifestyles, running and being outdoors. Participants spent a full weekend engaging in custom activations throughout the plaza.

NGX created interactive experiences featuring custom fabric-based projections. Treadmills located at the center of the tent provided runners with the ability to learn about their unique breast movement profile, pairing them with a recommendation for a perfect fit bra. Surrounding the treadmill were animated loops on display screens featuring renders of movement profiles that had been completed in the lab. These videos represented the design, complexity and science behind the development of bras at Lululemon.

Inspired by the research, science and innovation at the WhiteSpace lab, the touch experience was based on creative patterns projected across panels of Lululemon fabric to showcase the custom movement of material as it contours to the specific movements of each individual. By pushing into the fabric, visitors were given the opportunity to change the projected image on the fabric. This tactile approach mixed with a technological creative solution was inspired by the innovation and product research dedicated to the continued development of a diverse bra line at Lululemon.