The Manitoba Museum
Winnipeg, Canada
- Watershed of the Future Simulator -

The Manitoba Museum

Canadian Museum Association – Outstanding Achievement Award for Best Exhibition
Canadian Association of Science Centers – CASCADE Award for Best Large Exhibition
Summit International Award – Visionary (Gold) in Emerging Media

The story of Lake Winnipeg is one that continues to be written. NGX was approached by The Manitoba Museum and our friends at AldrichPears Associates to create an innovative exhibit that would provide a gateway to Lake Winnipeg’s eutrophication problem for the people of Manitoba, inviting them to reconnect with the Lake, imagine its future, and understand how every choice – big and small – impacts its health. Our challenge was to create a game that would not only be fun and immersive, but would also teach leading-edge environmental concepts and allude to the economic and social trade-offs that are necessary to make any real environmental solution viable and sustainable.

Geared towards young museum visitors in grades 6 to 8, the Watershed of the Future Simulator is a fun, immersive, multi-player educational game. As stewards of the watershed, visitors are tasked with the challenge of saving Lake Winnipeg by making decisions that shrink the algal bloom. Featuring a full sound system, vibrant designs, and unique animations that illustrate complex scientific problems, this simulator immerses museum visitors in the experience and gives them the opportunity to make real-world choices about the watershed of the future.

This exhibit provides a model for how a game within a museum environment can achieve educational goals while creating a fun destination experience that immerses, engages, and inspires. Through digital game play, The Watershed of the Future Simulator educates visitors on Lake Winnipeg’s key problems, the possible solutions, and demonstrates how everyone can be a Champion of Change.

“The NGX team is innovative, dedicated and an absolute joy to work with. We were continually impressed with their collaborative, relationship-driven approach during all phases of development and we highly recommend their services.”

Javier Schwersensky, Deputy Executive Director, The Manitoba Museum