- Writing Wrongs - Virtual Museum of Canada Digital Narrative -
Nikkei National Museum
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- Writing Wrongs Virtual Museum of Canada Digital Narrative - IN PROGRESS -

Nikkei National Museum

The Writing Wrongs project is inspired by the recent discovery of 300+ historic letters of appeal written by interned Japanese-Canadians to government authorities during the Second World War. Taken together, the letters form a visceral voice from our past, speaking to the extreme injustice visited upon a marginalized people, evoking the helplessness of human displacement and drawing inevitable connections to the displacement crises of our time.

NGX is working with Nikkei National Museum, Virtual Museum of Canada, Royal British Columbia Museum, Tabata Productions, educators and Japanese-Canadian voices nationwide, in the conceptualization, planning, design and production of an unforgettable online digital narrative. Using the letters of appeal as portals into the past, the story will chart the journey of dislocated Japanese-Canadians. This journey will be interactive, evocative, and immersive.  An open-ended four-part narrative, Writing Wrongs will also feature an integrated online dialogue space, informed by curriculum requirements, which will allow for narrative co-creation, exchange and discussion.