City of Port Coquitlam - Sports Hall of Fame
Port Coquitlam, Canada
- Interactive Table -

Port Coquitlam Sports Hall of Fame

The City of Port Coquitlam’s new Sports Hall of Fame preserves the city’s sports heritage, celebrates community pride, and inspires young athletes to reach higher. This multi-touch touch table exhibit, partially funded by the BC Canada 150 grant, allows visitors to gather around to explore stories of Hall of Fame inductees, rising stars, elite athletes, and community volunteers.

The goal of the experience is to hook visitor interest through engaging the presentation of facts, photos, and personal stories. The exhibit emphasizes bite size trivia, fun facts, catchy headlines, and attractive visuals. It is a vibrant, fun and constantly shifting tableau that attracts the eye and invites exploration while also emphasizing the ethos of sport in the Hall of Fame experience.

The community is always shifting, year to year, season to season, month to month. The interactive is designed for flexibility, to accommodate these constantly shifting stories. An updateable content management system allows for maximum flexibility in the presentation of stories on the home screen, leveraging the people and events of the day to capture interest and remain relevant. The creative style is friendly and appealing with a dynamic and eye catching animated tiled user interface, featuring striking images and bold typography, and complimentary wall graphics. All of this works together to compel visitors to engage in celebrating the value of athletic participation and the individuals who pursue it, as much as the elite achievement itself.