Public Art Finalist
- Through the Heart -

Public Art Finalist

“Through the Heart” is a proposal for a public space that is open to all people, with compassion, inclusion, and cultural safety. An embodied and responsive sculptural form that plays with materiality, texture, light and scale, Through the Heart juxtaposes the bedrock strength of a metamorphic rock exterior – formed by great pressure, collisions, friction – with the enticing warmth, colour, and familiarity of the open heart at its core.

With a scale that embodies the viewer, Through the Heart, is situated as a photo opportunity, iconic object, and a place for developing new relationships to ourselves, our city and our environment.

The heart is an essential organ in any given body – it symbolizes love and provides strength, governance, intelligence, support,
and regulation. It is a living, changing, responsive and essential part of human life.