- Digital Totems Gallery -
Royal BC Museum
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- Digital Totems Gallery - IN PROGRESS -

Royal BC Museum

The Royal BC Museum’s Digital Totems Gallery project is a powerful opportunity to explore the importance of totem poles, via dynamic knowledge exchange between the museum and British Columbia’s First Nations. Using the museum’s collection of monumental and model poles as a starting point, this exhibit will interweave histories, stories, and Indigenous ways of knowing to illuminate the importance of these cultural objects to a wider audience.

This exhibition aims to create a network of exchange between the museum and First Nations community. Our reciprocal sharing will craft the themes the exhibition tackles, and will enable contributions from many voices. NGX is working with the Royal British Columbia Museum and Virtual Museum of Canada in the conceptualization, planning, design and production of a unique platform that tells the living stories of these totem poles, and gives voice to the First Nations communities that they connect to.