SFU - School of Interactive Arts & Technology
Surrey, Canada
- Virtual Reality Research Engagement Project -

SFU - School of Interactive Arts & Technology

The potential of virtual reality to deliver transformative experiences is clear. As VR technology enters the consumer market, museums and interpretive centers have begun to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of VR goggles as an institutional offering. Working in partnership with Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SFU), NGX has begun an in-depth exploration of the VR’s capacity to reach audiences, open minds and change perspectives.

Our SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Partnership engagement grant with SFU for 2018 is focused on transformative digital experience design, looking at different strategies for fostering social connection in cultural and healthcare environments.

Virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) is experiencing massive growth within a multitude of cultural spaces including entertainment, cultural, healthcare and education.  Within this virtual space lies a multitude of opportunities for immersing audiences within a participatory, personalized and potentially awe inspiring environment.

Situated at the intersection of industry experience and academic research, NGX’s engagement with SFU consists of an ongoing series of information sharing sessions. These have included discussions about target audience tendencies and preferences, the way to empathy as visitor experience, pedagogical models, the power of shared versus solitary experience and studies of the merits and shortcomings of specific VR productions. The future’s an exciting place!

“NGX works as a cultural pivot at the convergence of ideas and industries using layered innovation to explore different technological mediums and methods to engage with people and space.”

Jan Beringer – Experience Lead – NGX Interactive