University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada
- Start an Evolution -

University of British Columbia

SEGD Global Design – Merit Award – UBC – “Start an Evolution” Light Installation
Applied Arts Media – EGD Award – UBC – “Start an Evolution” Donor Recognition

On the University of British Columbia campus, a bold installation recognizes the contributions of over 4,000 donors to the “Start an Evolution” Campaign. The memorable community landmark is statement about the transformative effect of the campaign on the UBC community and vice versa. It is positioned at the heart of the campus, near the Alumni Centre, Student Union Building, bookstore, and various pedestrian pathways.

The installation features 20 light pillars, arranged as an interactive forest. This digital forest is a welcoming public space for people to explore, observe, and look for names. The arrangement encourages those just passing through to slow down and look around. Each pillar features donor names to honour the contributions to the campaign. The pillars are internally illuminated to create a beautiful glow. This glow helps people to read the names during the day and at nighttime.

As people walk through the installation, their movement triggers the pillars to change from blue (UBC’s brand colour) to magenta (the colour of the campaign). This interactive response is designed to surprise and delight visitors as they engage with the work. The concept draws inspiration from the ripple effect of connections between people and UBC. Just as the lights respond to people, and the ripple effect spreads through the installation, UBC is proud of the ripple effect of its students, faculty, and alumni out in the community.

PUBLIC: Architecture + Communication designed this award winning engaging, permanent and timeless outdoor feature. NGX worked closely with the PUBLIC team to provide the Interactive Concept that resulted in the playful interactive elements that express the ripple effect concept which is central to the Start an Evolution campaign.