TELUS World of Science Edmonton
Edmonton, Canada

TELUS World of Science Edmonton

Communicator Awards – Distinction – Interactive Multimedia, Children’s Audience

An excellent example of technology in the service of interpretation for kids, the sandbox at TWOSE harnesses depth sensing computer vision to explore water resource management. Young visitors manipulate the projected environment by playing in the sand – depth information is rendered in real time as colourful topography. “Water” flows through the peaks and valleys that the kids create, providing accessible visual messaging about droughts and flooding in the Alberta landscape.

NGX partnered directly with TWOSE.

Some of the services we helped provide:

  • Museum AV Producer
  • Computer Interactive Exhibits
  • Project Planning, Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Animation
  • Projection Mapping
  • Responsive Projection
  • Gallery Soundscapes
  • Gamified Learning
  • Digital and Physical Prototyping
  • Responsive Installation
  • Technical Design

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Communicator Award – Interactive Media: Children’s Audience