TELUS World of Science Edmonton
Edmonton, Canada
- Environment Gallery -

TELUS World of Science

Canadian Association of Science Centers – CASCADE Award – Best Large Exhibition

To captivate young visitors to the Environment Gallery at the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton, NGX worked in collaboration with Aldrich Pears Associates to create exhibits that considered the inherent nature of children: they like to move.

The Ice Floor Projection exhibit is a full body play experience where children learn about global warming as they “live” the experience of a polar bear. Gesture based technology tracks and responds to their movements with a ceiling mounted projector, camera and kinect system.

Two Eco Explorer multi-touch table exhibits invite exploration with a bird’s eye view of an ecosystem. Children learn by discovering clues such as paw prints, feathers, or ripples. Each hidden species has a featured notebook that reveals facts, sketches, and sounds.

The Extreme Weather Station exhibit engages visitors in a game to create the weather. Visitors adjust wind speed, direction, humidity, and temperature – and are rewarded with animated, street-level, weather events!

The Alberta Spin Browser exhibit takes visitors on a journey through the geologic history of Alberta! Animations feature larger-than-life dinosaurs toppling over, a meteor that flies at the visitor, and evidence of modern life popping into the scene.

The Recycling Game comes alive with a host who appears trapped within one of the three monitors in the exhibit. Visitors are active participants in the exhibit as they sort actual recyclables and learn about recycling.

The Ice Core Detectives exhibit features a monitor on rails as a virtual magnifying glass while they explore a realistic ice core model. High resolution imagery and accurate scientific information showcase what can be learned from the ice cores.

“Innovative application of hardware, combined with incredible interactive software development and amazing computer graphics and animation.”

George Smith, President, TELUS World of Science Edmonton

Environment Gallery Summary

Spin Browser Flythrough