About Us
The tale of NGX...

At NGX Interactive we work closely with our clients to create unforgettable digital storytelling experiences, while paying keen attention to quality, budgets, resources, and timelines. Established in 2000, our experienced and passionate team is a mix of diligent managers, visionary producers, creative geniuses, technical wizards, and imaginative tinkerers. With intuitive software, compelling digital content, inspiring design, and innovative hardware, NGX Interactive crafts stories that are meaningful, inspirational, and educational.

At the heart of every good story are the characters...

Founder & President

Leigh Byblow

Executive Producer

Jessica Doig

Production Manager

Diedre Feist

Art + Experience

Jan Beringer

Story + Experience

Dan Asfar

Interactive Design Lead

Justin Williams

Marketing Manager

Elim Chu

Mechanical Engineering

Jeff Homer

Senior Systems Developer

Eric Mui

Quality Assurance

Christina Gheorghe

Project Coordinator

Esme Cunningham

3D Modeling and Concept Art

Paola Munoz

Project Coordinator

Mindy Roh

Technical Game Design

Peter Doudkine

Interactive Designer

Evelyn Cranston

Project Coordinator

Annika Nyberg

Interactive Developer

Anushervon Rakhmatov