Autodesk Gallery 2.0 Exhibition: Innovative Digital Media Exhibits

Reimagine possible

San Francisco, USA


ngx collaborated with Autodesk’s brand team to re-envision their San Francisco gallery at One Market. Ambitious, bold, and intuitive, the gallery weaves digital media into a meticulously renovated heritage space - the brand’s flagship touchpoint. Working closely with Fuse Project, Cinnabar, BBI, West Office, and Official Productions, ngx led the project’s development and execution.

Scope Highlights

  • Interpretive Strategy
  • Original Animation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Projection Mapping
  • Physical/Digital Integration

ngx designed and produced a range of media that utilized the following techniques; augmented reality, artificial intelligence, projection mapping and data tracking.

Our project partners: West Office, Cinnabar, BBI Engineering, Fuseproject, The Mill