The Citadel Heritage Centre Experience: Historical Interpretive Storytelling

An immersive and vivid journey through history

Halifax, Canada


Dating back to 1749, the Halifax Citadel has no shortage of stories to tell. This National Historic Site is located high atop the city of Halifax and has undergone significant visitor experience enhancements to bring complex historical narratives to a modern audience. ngx’s work in Halifax has been wide-ranging: from gamified interactives to large scale animations that trace the city’s history.

One highlight of the work in Halifax has been the use of object recognition in service of historical storytelling. By applying different physical lenses to an interactive table, visitors explore the diverse ways in which the Mi’kmaq, Acadians, French, and British all understood the same places and events. Technology supports an exploration of perspective and an expansion of possibility.

Scope Highlights

  • Technical Consulting
  • Concept Design
  • Object Recognition
  • Creative Direction
  • Archival Production

Thanks to our project partners: Lord Cultural Resources, Origin studios,

Kubik, and Hadron Films