Royal BC Museum Orcas Exhibition: Science-focused Educational Exhibits

Rich lives and uncertain futures

Victoria, Canada


Our work with the Royal BC Museum (RBCM) for Orcas: Our Shared Future, is a multi-media portrait of an iconic coastal species. Through a collection of museum artifacts, films and digital experiences, visitors are invited to delve into the complex lives of Orcas and their uncertain future. Integrating digital and physical elements to enhance engagement and play, our work is embedded in the exhibition's striking visual ambition and contemporary approach.

Scope Highlights

  • Interpretive Strategy
  • Object Recognition
  • Game Design
  • UI and UX Design

Gallery image credits: Royal BC Museum

Our projects partners: North Shore Productions

Now open at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry until January, 2024.

Showcasing a stylized representation of a coastal environment, the multi-user table communicates complex concepts of interconnected ecological health through a game-play approach that is intuitive, engaging, playful and impactful.

A closer look at the “Ocean Health” exhibit, a projection-based object recognition table.

Using custom 3D printed RFID pucks–representing items like dams, wind turbines and plastic bottles– visitors seek a balance between human needs and the health of a coastal ecosystem.

When ocean health is restored, the reward is a richly populated visualization of natural abundance – orcas swimming and hunting, salmon travelling up and down a coastal waterway, animals in the forest, and abundant coastal bird life.

Exploring the body system of an orca in the “Orca Lab” gallery.

Positioned below a suspended orca skeleton, the “Orca Biology 101” touch table gives guests the opportunity to learn about orcas’ bodily systems (echolocation, musculoskeletal, reproductive, respiratory) through story points and by examining a 3D model of an orca.