Science World Creative Technology Gallery: Immersive Media Experience

Inspiring future technologists

Vancouver, Canada


Now open!

Working closely with Science World, DigiBC and Phoenix Labs, we developed the concept for a three room gallery with the intellectual property (IP) from Dauntless, central to the experience. Featuring large scale 2D and 3D animations, an original audio score, gesture-based interactivity, and floor to ceiling immersive projections, the Creative Technology Gallery showcases the journey of becoming a creative technologist. Using a strong narrative approach and innovative technology, visitors leave the Gallery feeling excited by their creations, inspired by future career possibilities, and empowered to tell their own stories.

Scope Highlights

  • Fully immersive
  • Game design
  • Gesture tracking
  • Sound design

We’d like to thank our incredible project partners:


Phoenix Labs

Science World

Beginning in the Dream Space, the visitor steps into a child’s bedroom where the walls are alive with awe-inspiring animations, eliciting a sense of curiosity and desire to explore more.
Early concept illustrations storyboard the changing environment in room 1.

Animation test featuring Science World’s famous dome as a character.
In the Build space, visitors take on the role of Environment Designer, Art Director and Character Artist and manipulate characters and elements from Dauntless via our touch-screen stations.
As you walk through this fully immersive environment – trees sway and grass twitches, Behemoths stomp and roar, Pufflehops burrow and unburrow, a massive flying ship sails overhead while pixie dust follows your every move.

Young volunteers test out one of the exhibits before installation begins and the exhibit goes live.
Our team works closely with target age volunteers to test the exhibits and ensure a faultless experience each time.