Al Shindagha Museum Children’s Pavilion: Interactive Educational Games

Take on an ancient challenge

Dubai, UAE


With a focus on kids under six, ngx built an interpretive challenge game that introduces the Falaj — an ancient system for managing water on the Arabian Peninsula. An intuitive interface combines with stylized 3D animation and a series of gameplay challenges. Young audiences explore complex historical and ecological concepts through play: a robust and playful anchor experience for the gallery.

Scope Highlights

  • UI and UX Design
  • Technical Consulting
  • Creative Direction
  • Game Design
  • Interactive Digital Exhibits

We’d like to thank our partner GSM Project

The game’s UI design supports a bilingual experience.

The interface invites the smallest of museum visitors to take on challenges like building, maintaining, and distributing water from the Falaj.

Testing the user interface before the project ships.