The Biosphere: Environment Gallery: Projection Mapped Multi-Player Game

Urban Ecosystems: An interactive experiment

Montreal, Canada


Working closely with a broad team of partners, ngx created an ambitious multi-player interactive to explore the function of urban ecosystems. Young visitors take control, collaborating to enhance the city’s resilience. Projection mapping onto a 3D-model of Montreal visualizes the impact of their decisions in real time. The result? A dynamic and engaging centrepiece for North America's preeminent environmental museum.

This project won several awards: GLAMI (2018) & CASC Cascade Award (2018)

Scope Highlights

  • Visitor Recognition
  • Projection Mapping
  • Concept Design
  • Game Design
  • Custom Software

The exhibition was completed by The Biosphere and its project team based across Canada. This included: Expographiq, Lord Cultural Resources, ngx, and Media FX.

The content development process was a collaborative effort between the Biosphere, Lord Cultural Resources, ngx, and expert stakeholders, such as Ouranos (climate change experts).

At the “Urban Ecosystem” table, visitors use their tablet to take on a challenge related to the urban ecosystem in Montreal. Visitors are presented with multiple choice scenarios that allow for playful interactions and explore how our choices can affect a community.

As an opt-in experience, visitors are invited to use an RFID tag during their visit. The RFID tag allows users to “check in” at various stations, collect badges for their participation, and personalize their experience.