Children’s Medical Centre: Playful Digital Immersive Exhibits

Imagination, play, and holistic patient care

Bakersfield, USA


Playful digital experience is an extension of a patient-centered care at VCMG. After focus groups and consultation with the hospital, we developed two experiences to transport and delight kids confined to the clinical setting. In "California Landscape" visitors use a gesture-based interface to trigger animations in a playfully rendered landscape. In "The Treehouse", kids populate a whimsical environment with creatures great and small: the goal is moments of agency, play, and joy as part of a holistic approach to care.

Scope Highlights

  • Concept Design
  • Camera Tracking
  • Responsive Environment
  • Story Development
  • Original Animation

Thanks to our project partner: Aesthetics Inc

“California Landscape” is a whimsical and interactive video wall. Positioned in the main lobby, the full-scale animation responds to proximity and play.

Interaction is open and self-directed.  The visual approach invites curiosity, exploration, and experimentation.

The Treehouse is a multi-user experience and a dedicated interactive space for kids. Create and explore an expressive landscape via one of three touchscreens.