The T-Rex Science Exhibition: Hologram Dinosaurs and Educational Exhibits

Victoria comes to life

Phoenix, USA


ngx created a full spectrum of digital media experiences to introduce the world to Victoria the T. rex. Augmented reality enhanced the interpretive impact of her skeleton while interactive holograms invited exploration. Projection mapping onto a three-dimensional surface enchanted youngsters and parents alike. The walk-through finale depicted crucial scenes from the last hours before extinction in stunning, multi-sensory, immersive detail.

Vibrant, varied, and ambitious, Victoria highlights the possibilities for new approaches to ancient history.

Scope Highlights

  • Responsive Environment
  • Augmented Reality
  • Projection Mapping
  • Spatial Audio
  • Original Animation

Meet Victoria in a city near you.

Situated in the main gallery space, “Create Victoria” is a creation station. Up to four groups can personalise a hologram version of Victoria, providing an opportunity for a personal connection.

Work in progress animation to develop an accurate T-rex walk-cycle.

“Watch Victoria” is a projection based exhibit that showcases Victoria’s scientifically-verified behaviours. A low table, 8 feet in diameter, features a 3D-printed surface that forms the canvas for projection-mapped animation. Visitors follow Victoria through key phases in her lifecycle – hunting, mating, and raising young.