Leigh Byblow

President & Founder


As the founder of ngx, Leigh was behind the original innovations and disruptive concepts that brought the company to life. Like most entrepreneurs he has worn many hats over the company’s 20+ years. Today as President, while the roles have consolidated mostly at the corporate level, the same entrepreneurial spirit still holds true. It is this approach that gives Leigh his unique perspective into the underlying company dynamics, and an undying respect for its talented people. As the first and longest serving shepherd of the company, his number one goal is to see ngx flourish.

Leigh works closely with the company’s CEO, Thomas Hepburn, to help develop its long term strategy and vision, and is intimately involved in all corporate components such as finance, legal, and compliance & administration. A good natured, small town, northern boy, Leigh is no stranger to building things. In addition to his passion for building the company, he loves to work with his hands and from time to time can be found in the workshop tinkering away at rigs ‘n’ jigs ‘n’ things.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

– Maya Angelou