Hamilton: The Exhibition
Chicago, USA

Hamilton: The Exhibition

To capture the drama of the Battle of Yorktown, we worked with David Korins Design to reimagine how physical and digital objects might interact in exhibit spaces. Our team combined pixel-perfect projection mapping with a bespoke system of hidden trackways to bring the battle to life. Hand-painted figurines slid silently across period maps, projected onto an antique war-room table. A dramatic score, spatial audio, and an original script completed the experience. Audiences were transported to Virginia in 1781, when the world turned upside down.

NGX Interactive was honored to work on this immersive experience:

  • Computer Interactive Exhibits
  • Conceptual Development
  • Project Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Concept Art
  • Content Development
  • Animation
  • Linear Media Production
  • Projection Mapping
  • Spatial Audio
  • Digital and Physical Prototyping
  • AV Software Development
  • UI, UX Design
  • Museum AV Producer

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Hamilton Exhibition - Sizzle Promotional Video

Hamilton Promotional Video Introducing the Exhibition.